Katherine Meredith

I am a professional portrait painter and am currently working on a series of portraits of same sex couples. The portraits shown here are the first in this project entitled, "Partners".

Throughout history, portraits have been used to honor career achievement, position in society, and celebrate family and loved ones.

My aim is to portray gay couples in the time-honored medium of classic oil portraits in the hopes that it will promote thought and reflection on a subject that is at the front of our national consciousness. Portraying gay couples in this medium strips away "otherness" and we see real people, loving couples and happy families. I believe that when people see these portraits they will be inclined to examine their own feelings about marriage equality and tolerance.

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Alec and David

Alec and David live in Hell's Kitchen. Alec tends to kick and snore at night but David doesn't seem to mind. They are engaged to be married.

Oil on canvas - 16" x 20"

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Bill and Mike

Bill and Mike met on Valentine's Day in 1996. Theirs is a pushmepullyou kind of love.

Oil on canvas - 22" x 28"

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Stacy and Margie

Stacey and Margie met in Los Angeles in 2003 and now live in Montclair, NJ with their 3 children. One day they are going to have a gigantic wedding to celebrate their life and love.

Oil on canvas - 36" x 40"

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Heather and Lisa

Heather and Lisa live in Ojai, Ca. After ten years together, they are still unable to answer Heather's brother's question, "Which one is the man?"

Oil on canvas - 24" x 30"

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Rae and Morgan

Rae and Morgan were married in Vermont in 2009. They welcomed their daughter Lucy in 2010. Morgan works for a non-profit, advocacy organization and Rae is a speech pathologist. The family lives in Ellicott City with their two pugs.

Oil on canvas - 18" x 30"

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Marc Antony and Dan

Oil on canvas - 18" x 24"

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Crimson and Theresa

Crimson and Teresa met in college in 2002. They had a commitment ceremony on the Chesapeake Bay in 2005. They live in Baltimore with their four year-old son Nathaniel and pug Georgia. Teresa is a nurse and Crimson is a social worker.

Oil on canvas - 24" X 36"

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Nik and Chris

Chris and Nik have been together for 19 years. They met at college in St. Paul, MN where they are living now after 15 years in NYC.

Oil on panel - 20" x 30"

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Rob and David

Rob and David were married in New York in 2004... holding their Boston terrier, Goblin. David is an acupuncturist. Rob is a composer. Goblin is a squirrel inspector.

Oil on canvas - 11" x 14"

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Sue and Catherine

Sue and Catherine have been together for 17 years. Their twins were born in 2006 and changed everything as children always do.

Oil on canvas - 30" x 24"

Katherine Meredith




Help Make it Happen

Please join the mailing list and I'll keep you informed of where and when the portraits will be shown. (I will NEVER give your email to anyone!)

If you're a committed gay couple, the best way to support Partners Portraits is to commission your portrait and put it in the show.

Support of any kind is welcome. Donors will receive small thank you gifts and will be acknowledged on this site and in the printed catalog, unless anonymity is preferred.

I am grateful for suggestions and feedback!


Make a Difference

Here are just a few of the many great organizations working on behalf of the LGBT community.

Latest News:

Partners will be showing at Gallery Unicorn!

Opening will be on Sunday August 11th with an artist talk at 1:30 followed by a reception from 2 to 4 pm.

Gallery Unicorn  [ map ]
Towson Unitarian Universalist Church
1710 Dulaney Valley Rd.
Lutherville, MD 21093

Commission a Portrait

I encourage anyone interested in a portrait to email or give me a call. I am eager to answer questions and hear your thoughts.

The commission process varies based on individual schedule and preference, but here is some basic information.

We start by meeting, getting acquainted, and talking about what kind of portrait you might like and what would best portray your true spirit. I can work from a live sitting, but more often take photos and paint in my home studio. When I deliver the finished portrait, I will make adjustments if needed.

Through "Partners", I am offering Couples' Portraits for a suggested donation of 60% of my normal fee, in consideration of the loan of your portrait to the exhibition and permission to display it on this site and in "Partners" promotional material. More detailed process and fee info is available at my website.

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Past Exhibitions

"Partners, a show of Portraits"
Towson Unitarian Universalist Church
Towson, MD 2013

"Partners, a show of Portraits"
Maryland Hall for Creative Arts
Annapolis, MD, 2012

"Partners, a show of Portraits" solo show
49 West, Annapolis, MD 2012

"Partners, a show of Portraits" solo show
“Die Bottschaft 1628”, Baltimore, MD, 2011

“Social Change Exhibition” group show
Towson Arts Collective, Towson, MD 2010